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Dumbledogs Army Online Waiver


Any references below to the word "I" also implies all others associated with me, including but not limited to my spouse, heirs, assignees, and family members. Any references to "Dumbledogs Inc," implies its agents, officers, owners, employees, subcontractors, customers, and prospective customers.

This section applies to all current and prospective customers, employees, subcontractors, or anyone else who enters the premises of Dumbledogs Inc.:

  • I agree that if I get injured by a dog at Dumbledogs Inc., I will not hold Dumbledogs Inc. liable for any injuries or damages that may occur.

This section applies to anyone who brings their dog on the Dumbledogs Inc. premises for any reason:

  • I have disclosed to Dumbledogs Inc. all known risks, dangers, and medical conditions associated with my dog(s).
  • I understand that I am solely liable for medical care expenses and damages that result from injuries caused by my dog, or that I will resolve the matter directly with the owner(s) of the other dog(s) based on applicable laws.
  • I understand that Dumbledogs Inc. may refuse service to my dog for any reason it deems necessary, including but not limited to, overly aggressive behavior, overly excessive barking, illness, and changes in habits and behaviors.
  • I agree that there are inherent risks in sending my dog to any dog activity center, such as illness or injury, and I accept these risks because they are outweighed by the benefits. Dumbledogs Inc. will not be liable for any illness or injury that may occur to my dog(s).
  • I understand that I am financially responsible for the charges that my pet will incur during his/her stay at Dumbledogs Inc.. 
  • I authorize Dumbledogs Inc. to take actions they deem as necessary to ensure the health, well-being, and safety of my dog(s), and to take reasonable action to resolve any medical problems that may arise while my dog(s) is in their care.
  •  I agree to assume full financial responsibility for any and all expenses incurred as a result of their actions.
  •  I understand that Dumbledogs Inc. staff is expected to make a reasonable attempt to contact me before incurring such expenses, that they may need to incur such expenses if they can't reach me, and that an emergency situation could arise where it would not be feasible for them to contact me before the expense is incurred, including but not limited to, first aid, CPR, and/or emergency veterinary care.
  • I understand that, as is the norm in the pet care industry, under no circumstances will Dumbledogs Inc. be liable for damages beyond the replacement value of my dog(s).
  • I waive all claims or actions against Dumbledogs Inc., relating to the care, control, health, and/or safety of my dog(s) arising while my dog(s) is in their care.
  • If my pet is here more than five days past the scheduled pick up date, Dumbledogs Inc. will consider the pet abandoned and may take the pet to the local shelter. Additionally, I will be billed for all applicable fees while my pet was in care.
  • I understand that Dumbledogs Inc. is not responsible for food allergies.
  • For the safety of my dog, I understand that only the people listed as my emergency contacts can pick up my dog.
  • Dumbledogs Inc. may take a dog outside of the premises for a short walk or brief change in environment at the discretion of Dumbledogs Inc. management and subject to weather and other conditions. The dog will be leashed and under the supervision of Dumbledogs Inc. staff during all times dog is outside of the premises. There is no additional charge to Owner for this service. 

Dumbledogs Inc. does not provide professional advice regarding your dog. All questions regarding your dog’s health should be discussed with the appropriate medical professional.

I certify that:

  • I am the legal owner of the dog(s) I am sending to Dumbledogs Inc..
  • That, to my knowledge, my dog(s) has not been exposed to kennel cough, distemper, rabies or parvovirus within the past thirty days.
  • My dog(s) has been vaccinated as indicated on the "Pre-Screening daycare Form."

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