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Private Training

We are excited to now offer Private Training sessions! 

We understand that our classes may not work for all, whether it be due to schedule conflict, or perhaps you just require a little more 1 on 1 time with a trainer. That is why our Private Training sessions may be what you are looking for!  Each session will be specifically tailored to help guide you to work through any issues you may be struggling with; we want to help you and your dog succeed.

Some items we can help with are:

- Reactivity during walks

- Struggling to get your dog to come when called

- House manners like counter surfing or barking out the window

- Unwanted behaviours like jumping up on people

- Separation anxiety when your dog is left home alone

- & more, please contact to discuss your specific concerns

Sessions are in person, and can be held at our training facility, your home or a public space such as a park.  

Each session runs for 1 hour, and cost:

$100+gst within the Training Facility
$125+gst at your home or park

Please click the button below to apply for Private Training Session access - when approved, you will be provided an account so you can create and manage your Private Training session bookings.

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