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K9 Agility Classes available here!

Interested in continuing with your skills, or perhaps getting your start in the amazing fast paced sport of Agility?  We offer classes designed for both!  Not sure where you should start?  Keep on reading to find out what we offer...

Foundation Classes

New to the sport?  Then Foundations is where you need to start.  We offer Foundations Levels 1 - 4, with each level building on the skills you learned in the previous level. During these classes you will be introduced to the equipment, and shown how to use them safely. The skills you learn in Foundations will help ensure your safety and success when you move into running courses in Novice and Advanced.

Novice & Advanced Classes

Once you have successfully completed all the Foundation Classes, you are ready to start putting your skills to use by running in our Novice Agility Courses.  Practice makes perfect, and once you and your dog have mastered courses at the Novice level, you will graduate to our Advanced Classes.

For our Novice and Advanced students, watch for Agility Fun Matches where you can show off your dog's skills!

Agility classes take focus and some obedience skills. We require dogs to have taken a group class prior to registering for agility. 

Dogs must be 10 months old before joining agility Foundations.

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