Dumbledogs Army 


Available Monday, Thursday and Friday

From 9am - 6:00pm

(7am - 9am early drop off available)

Dumbledogs Army consists of 4 different "houses" (playgroups): 

RavenPAWS, GryffinDOGS, HuffleFLUFFS, and SLOBERin.

Each dog will be sorted into a "house" (playgroup) that best suits their temperament and size.

Full Day


Full Day Package - 10 Days

Buy 9 days get one free!


Full Day Package - 20 Days (1 Month)

Save $75 plus get a free Pawdicure.


Half Day





Does your dog not do well in Daycamp programs?

 Schedule a FITcamp day!

Each dog will have an individual program designed by an experienced sport animal trainer. Throughout the day the dog will be doing specific fitness and brain game activities that will help enrich their lives. 

Ask us about adding on training exercises to your FITcamp day!

 Leave your dog during the day while you work, pick up a tired dog on your way home!

These dogs will not be interacting with other dogs during their stay. 

Perfect program for daycamp dropouts or reactive dogs!

Full Day


Half Day


Full Day Package - 10 Days

Buy 9 days get one free!


Training for specific behaviors/problems can be added onto these packages. 

The dog will receive their custom FITcamp plan plus private training with our head animal trainer. 

Additional cost may apply.