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Meet Our Agility Team!

Janet Ingersoll

Iris Shrimpton

Iris is a founding member of AIM (Agility in Manitoba). She helped to draft its Constitution, and has held the offices of President and Secretary as well as being on several committees.

She regularly participates in various dog sport seminars, clinics, and workshops, which include the Clean Run Camp, Bud Houston, and does demos for events such as the Great Manitoba Dog Party, Winnipeg Blue Bomber football and Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball games, the Triple S Fair and Rodeo and the Winnipeg Humane Society’s Paws in Motion, and has attended Herding Clinics. She has also attended at Clicker Expo in Chicago, put on by Karen Pryor.

Iris participates in a number of other dog-related activities. She has been active in training in Obedience for more than 25 years and obtained a Utility title on her American Cocker Spaniel, Tia. Iris also competed in Scent Hurdle Racing, and was the Manitoba Representative for several years. Iris competed in Flyball with her Australian Shepherd, Kila, who was the first Australian Shepherd to obtain the Flyball title of Grand Master Champion, and was the No.1 Australian Shepherd in Flyball in North America having earned over 61,000 points.

Shawna McKenzie

I have been an instructor with Hi Flyers off and on since 2013. I have two dogs. Keisha, a border collie cross who was born in 2006 and I rescued her in 2009. We started agility in 2010 at High Flyers and have been hooked on it ever since! I rescued Ryobi in 2016 when he was just 15 weeks old, Ryobi is a Husky Lab cross who has grown up in the agility world.

I began teaching at Hi Flyers in the foundation levels and have really enjoyed watching so many teams work through the 3 foundations. I love watching new handlers and dogs on their first night of classes begin working their sit stays and their basic shaping skill and then staying with those teams as they progress through the classes, I am always so proud when they move on to novice classes with all the skills and techniques I have taught them throughout foundation.

I have participated in workshops put on my Joan Weston including; "Get the Real Deal on Dominance," "What does your body language say to your dog," and "Shy or Aggressive how to tell".

I have participated in Agility Handling Seminars with AAC Judges; Rebecca McKay, Tracy Sklenar, and Gary White.

I really enjoy teaching Agility with Hi Flyers and am excited for the partnership with Dumbledog! There are so many new learning opportunities and I am excited to try them out. Ryobi and I have already participated in the Animal Actors Workshop as well as the open house introductions to scenting and tricks!

"I will spend my days striving to be the person my dog already thinks I am"

Robyn Roman

I have been playing agility for over 14 years. I started out with Ruby a lab mix rescue from Winnipeg Animal Services close to 13 years ago. She was the one that started me in to the sport and got me hooked. I started teaching agility through Hi-Flyers for the last 8 years or so after being a student for years before.

I currently have a 8 year old shepherd mix Gromitt (rescue) and a 9 month old Lab spanial mix Nova (rescue) both are currently enrolled in agility.

I have taken part and audited many seminars on different handling techniques both in past and present.

The best part of teaching agility is watching your students learn and progress each week

Shannon Rhude

Pamela Soke

Sherrill Zukowski

Kristine Boyce

Kristine currently shares her life with three Australian Shepherds, Cami (12), Brew (6) and Zeke (1). While she has been sharing her passion of agility with others via teaching for 8 years, she has been involved for about 20! Her current favorite type of agility course is Gamblers.

Her proudest Agility accomplishment was achieving the Agility Trial Championship of Canada with her past dog Ali, and also completing at AAC Nationals with her. Kristine is always proud when her dog weaves 6 weaves for the first time, and she really is just happiest when she spends time with any of her dogs.

Kristine's advice to someone just getting started in the sport is just have fun! Build the relationship with your dog, and don't rush to do anything. Make sure your dog is confident, and most importantly, having fun!

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