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Training Walks

Training Walks at Dumbledogs combine the benefits of a traditional walk with professional training.

Our science based positive reinforcement approach ensures your dog not only enjoys their outing but also learns valuable skills to improve their overall behavior and well-being.

30 Min Walk

Our 30 minute training walks are expertly designed to provide your dog with a focused, effective training session that fits seamlessly into your busy day


60 Min Walk

Our 60 minute training walks are designed to provide in depth, engaging training experience for your dog. This extended session allows our expert trainers to thoroughly address your dog's needs, ensuring they receive both physical exercise and comprehensive behavioural training.


Check Ins

Our 30-Minute pet check-in service ensures your pet gets the care and attention they need.

We provide a quick visit to feed, let out to potty (in a fenced yard), and short play session with your pet, giving you peace of mind while at work.


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