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Rent Our Space!

Dumbledogs is a 9,500 sq ft matted facility

Our space is split into two completely separate training halls (separated by a cement wall).  

Our LARGE side is just under 6,000 sq ft and is matted wall to wall with super traction EVA foam mats. 

Our SMALL side is around 3,000 sq ft and is matted wall to wall with fatigue relief rubber mats.

Photo of large training hall, very bright clean and open space with foam gym flooring

LARGE side - just under 6,000 sq ft

Fully matted with our super traction EVA agility foam mats, top features of these mats are (information from the manufacture):

  • Fatigue relief for trainers and dogs
  • Floor cushion allows dogs to train longer
  • Non slip grip top for dog agility traction
  • Offers comfort and safety to both handlers and dogs.

This spacious training hall does not have any support posts that a dog or handler might run into.  There isn't any equipment piled along the walls as a hazard for dogs to run into. Just a large open, well lit clean space for you and your dog to enjoy!

This price includes either agility equipment (all set up on Wednesdays) or obedience equipment.  This side is NOT geared towards play groups, or birthday parties, please book the 3000 sqft space for those types of events.

SMALL side - 3,000 sq ft

Fully matted with our fatigue relief rubber mats. This side is separated into three training areas by a chain link fence. Designed for play groups in mind this side is ideal for BIRTHDAY PARTIES, PLAY GROUPS, INDOOR SAFE EXERCISE.



bright open training space with rubber matting
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