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Meet Our Agility Instructors

Janet Ingersoll

Current dogs: Lady Coco - English Springer Spaniel

Years involved in agility: approx. 30 years

Years teaching agility: approx. 30 years.

Favorite type of agility course:

Some of your favorite agility accomplishments or memories: Competing at Nationals is always exciting but the best times can be running in any trial when my dog and I are totally connected - she knows exactly what I want, we are completely in sync - she nails every contact, every weave pole, every jump and every twist and turn. That is exhilarating - and when I see the joy my dog has when she is running with me that is the best time ever and I am immensely grateful.

Advice to someone just getting started in the sport: be kind to your dog, be kind to yourself and have fun.

Iris Shrimpton

Current Dogs: Deja, 11 yrs. and Jade, 4 yrs.

Years in Agility: approx. 30 years

Years teaching: approx. 25 years

Favourite agility courses: Snookers and then Gamblers

Favourite accomplishments: Winning the Top Dog Award in Saskatoon with my Aussie Kila, and then winning it many years later with my Aussie, Kia. Kila was my heart dog, but Kia was the dog that made my heart sing when we ran and I walked on air as we left the course. It was such a high running with that dog. She ran the course and I just followed.

Advice to someone getting started: Just have fun and treasure every moment with your dog because it's such a short time.

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