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Emily Lowes, CBCC-KA

Emily has been involved in the dog industry for 15 years and has been training dogs professionally for 8 years. Her primary focus in dog training has been canine behavioural disorders and dog sports, but she has also dabbled with other aspects of the dog world including canine nutrition and grooming.

Emily currently competes with her dogs in disc, flyball and dock diving and has been training in agility. She also enjoys travelling and performing with her dogs with the Canine Stars and Woof Jocks. Emily also works as a Motion Picture Animal Trainer with Manitoba Animal Actors. 


  • Competed Internationally with Hope in the North American Flyball Association’s CANAM in 2017
  • Top 5 Placement in UpDog Nationals 2022 Frisbee Freestyle with Fidget
  • Top 10 Placements in both Spaced Out and FunKey in UpDog Nationals 2022 with Fidget
  • Top 20 Placements in 7UP, Spaced Out and Freestyle in UpDog Nationals 2022 with Shuffle
  • NADDA Dock Senior Title with Fidget
  • Iron Dog Award with Ziggy in NAFA in 2018
  • Iron Dog Award with Hope in NAFA in 2019
  • 3rd Highest Scoring Boxer in NAFA with Ziggy (current)
  • ONYX Award with Hope in NAFA in 2016
  • ONYX Award with Ziggy in NAFA 2015
  • Flyball Dog Champion-Gold Award with Fidget achieved in 2022
  • Flyball Dog Champion-Silver Award with Harlequin in 2015
  • Flyball Dog Excellent Award with Luke in 2016
  • Flyball Master Award with Wispy in 2019
  • Guppy Novice Trick Cat Title 2023
  • Winner of Manitoba UpDog Triple Crown 2021 with Fidget
  • Silver Finish at Manitoba UpDog Triple Crown 2022 with Shuffle
  • 4th Place in Master Handler League at the 2022 Toss & Fetch World Championships with Fidget
  • 4th Place in Horse Dog Relay at Royal Manitoba Winter Fair 2023 with Fidget
  • 8th Place in Horse Dog Relay at Royal Manitoba Winter Fair 2022 with Fidget
  • Feature Role in Hallmark’s Merry & Bright with Wilson in 2019
  • Feature Role in Hallmark’s Christmas by Starlight with Wilson in 2020

Professional Development

  • Certified Behaviour Consultant (CBCC-KA) through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers
  • Fear Free Animal Trainer through Fear Free Certified Professionals
  • Pet First Aid Certified
  • Completion of Ethology and Canine Behaviour: Working with Dogs who Guard Food and Other Resources with Trisha McMillan Loehr, MSc, CDBC, CPTD-KA
  • Completion of Treatment & Prevention of Dog Aggression: Biting and Fighting with Ian Dunbar
  • Completion of the Association of Professional Dog Trainer Annual Educational Conference 2020
  • Completion of Disc Dog Bitework Class with Pawsitive Vibe
  • Completion of Disc Dog Foundations with Pawsitive Vybe
  • Completion of Sequence Building with Pawsitive Vybe
  • Completion of Dog Anxiety Summit with Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte
  • Completion of Level 1-4 of Canine Fitness Trainer Program with Debbie Torraca and Fenzi Dog Sports
  • Attended two separate Rocket Relay Flyball Seminars with Aaron Robbins and Kelly Robbins
  • Attended a Paswitive Vybe Disc Seminar with Apyrl Lea and Abby Cline
  • Attended a Disc Freestyle Seminar with Shaun Hirai
  • Attended Project Safety Net: Keeping Dogs (and Cats) Out of Shelters Seminar with Sarah Babcock CTC, CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA, CDBC
  • Attended Components of a Complete Behaviour Modification Plan Seminar with Dr. Lisa White DVM
  • International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants Member
  • Association of Professional Dog Trainers Member
  • North American Flyball Association Member
  • North American Dock Diving Member
  • Canadian Disc Dog Association Member
  • UpDog Challenge Competitor
  • Agility Association of Canada Member
  • K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch Master Handler 

Emily is Currently Owned By...

Hope: 16 year old border collie x lab mix. Retired from all dog sports, but was a “do-it-all” dog! No one can tell her she is 16 and she still keeps up with the other dogs at home. 

Wilson: 4 year old mini schnauzer X. Wilson does what he wants when he wants! His favourite things to do include eating things he shouldn’t jumping (both when he should and shouldn’t) and tricks. 

Fidget: 6 year old border collie. You aren’t supposed to have favourites, but if I did, it is Fidget. He loves to play disc and perform! 

Shuffle: 2 year old border collie x terrier mix. Shuffle is a sucky boy and loves to cuddle! He is also a fierce competitor and loves to perform his crazy tricks!

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