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A blog for you, by our excellent team of trainers. 

A place where Our Team will share some of their knowledge, along with some of their struggles. 
We are all continually learning, so let's learn together. 

Have an idea for a topic?  Email us, and we will see if we have someone able to blog about it.

Daycare Burnout - Part 1


What is it? To be honest I am not sure if this is even an “official” term. A quick research attempt could not find anyone using this term. However, there are pages, upon pages of articles focused on human burn outs from working at dog daycares, but nothing with the concerns of the dogs emotional well-being.

We tend to dismiss dogs' emotional health until they start to act out with unwanted behaviours such as: reactive, barking, separation anxiety, or charging/snapping, etc. Then, when it’s almost too late, we seek dog trainers for help. Not all dog trainers study the most current scientific information about dog behavior rehabilitation and often their attempts don’t help or in some tragic cases make things worse.

Sometimes dogs are already displaying unwanted or concerning behavior and owners bring them to doggy daycares to “fix” them. What if I told you we can prevent some behavioral issues by looking more at our dog’s emotional state and body language.

  • Over the next few blog posts, we will dive into each of these important topics:
  • Find a daycare that works for your DOG, and has screening measures in place
  • Start with short days, and keep to a schedule
  • Snacks aren’t a bad thing
  • Listen to the feedback provided by the daycare attendants
  • It’s ok if your dog doesn’t like daycare!!
  • Make sure your dog is always physically sound
  • Build up their daycare stamina at their pace

We want your dog to enjoy their time at daycare, whether it’s here at Dumbledogs, or at another local daycare. Our hope is this blog series will help you understand how to get the best out of daycare for your dog.


Our First (Almost) Blog Entry


What's this?  It's a blog!  A place where we, the trainers, can share with you some of our knowledge, or share our own training struggles.  We will let you know when our first official blog entry is up, so please watch our social media to know when it has been posted.

Have a topic you'd love to see more on?  Then shoot a message through our contact page.


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