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Animal Actors of Manitoba


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Animal Actors of Manitoba, is a premier provider of animal talent, we specialize in connecting talented, well-trained animal performers with film, television, advertising, and live events.

Our mission is to create unforgettable moments by seamlessly integrating our four-legged stars into the spotlight. All while training the animals using current science based training methods that treats animals with kindness and respect. 

What sets us apart is our commitment to the welfare and well-being of our animal actors. With a team of dedicated trainers and handlers who prioritize positive reinforcement and ethical treatment, we ensure that each and every animal in our care not only dazzles on screen but also leads a happy and fulfilling life off set.

Our roster includes a diverse range of species, from very well trained dogs, some of the best cats in the industry, a range of talented farm animals, small animals like rats and rabbits, incredible birds like pigeons and a select amount of exotic animals. Animal Actors of Manitoba has the perfect animal cast member to meet your creative vision.

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