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Shawna McKenzie

Agility Instructor

I have been an instructor with Hi Flyers since 2013 and joined the Dumbledogs team when they joined forces in 2019.

I love teaching the foundation levels and have really enjoyed watching so many teams work through the 4 levels of foundation. I am inspired by watching new handlers and dogs on their first night of classes begin working their sit stays and their basic shaping skill and then staying with those teams as they progress through the classes. I am always so proud when they move on to novice classes with all the skills and techniques I have taught them throughout foundations.

"I will spend my days striving to be the person my
dog already thinks I am"


  • Helped developed the curriculum for the 4 levels of agility foundations used at Dumbledogs
  • Is an Executive Member of Agility in Manitoba as well as a Trial Chair for this club
  • Member of Crocus Obedience and Kennel Club
  • Member of the Agility Association of Canada

Professional Development

  • Participated in workshops put on by Joan Weston including; "Get the Real Deal on Dominance", "What does your body language say to your dog", and "Shy or Aggressive how to tell".
  • Participated in Agility Handling Seminars with AAC Judges; Rebecca McKay, Tracy Sklenar, and Gary White.

Shawna is currently owned by...

Ryobi: Born January 2016 and rescued April 2016. Ryobi is a Husky Lab Cross who is a pretty chill guy, he has a lot to say and is always barking up a storm. He is a Masters level Agility Dog, with Gamblers being his best class, he LOVES to do his own thing and has no trouble working at a distance!

Decker: Born April 2022 and rescued July 2022. Decker is a sweet little man who is just figuring out who he wants to be, in less than a year he has tried out, dock diving, tricks, and animal acting. He is just starting his agility journey and will also be trying disc.

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