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Jill Voth

Co-Founder & Agility Director

Jill with her heart dog Batman, fell in love with dog sports 15 years ago. Her main focus has been flyball and agility.

She currently competes with her dog Gotham, in k9 disc competitions, agility and flyball.

A lot of energy is spent focusing on both professional and personal development.  Working with pet owners to build healthy relationships with their dogs has been a very rewarding experience, that she very much enjoys.


  • Developed our Basic Manners, Leash Manners & Recall Games, Calm Canine and Sports Foundation classes
  • Also developed our Master Movie Animals class, which is one of her favorite classes to teach
  • In 2010 Jill and Courtney founded Wild Dogs Performance team. Every year Wild Dogs perform for thousands of people at fairs and rodeos.  Perhaps you've seen them perform!
  • Member of The North American Flyball Association
  • Member of North American Agility Association of Canada
  • Member of Canadian Disc Dog Association
  • Member of World Wide K9 Toss and Fetch League
  • Member of Updog Challenge

Professional development

  • Two Agility Seminars - Tracy Skelner
  • Disc Seminar - Angela Ewtushik
  • Recallers Online Program - Susan Garrett
  • Rocket Relay Online Flyball Training
  • Absolute Dogs Online Dog Training Academy
  • Growl Class - Ian Dunbar
  • Throwing Workshop with Frisbee - Rob McLeod
  • Functional Fitness for the Active Dog - Caroline McIntyre

Jill is Currently Owned By...

Gremlin: 12, bulldog mix, played agility, flyball, and disc in her younger years. She is a sweet girl that loved playing sports and played as hard as she could.

Tattoo: 12, bulldog mix, played flyball. She is a sweet girl, didn't enjoy sports, but she loves other dogs and would rather be at home.

Jaws: 12, terrier mix, played agility, flyball, and his own version of disc. He loves working with me and is happy being busy and doing jobs.

Gotham: 6, terrier mix, plays agility, flyball, dock diving, and disc. He loves to work and play sports. He loves toys and you can often find him running around with one in his mouth.

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